What is The Fillery? We’re glad you asked.




A place where one fills empty containers with goods, such as grains, nuts, seeds, coffee, tea, spices, oils and the like.


Put simply, we are a specialty grocery offering hundreds of pantry basics and specialty items, primarily in bulk form. But OUR IDEA AND OUR GOALS ARE FAR FROM SIMPLE. We aim to improve the health of our community in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn and the environment by offering alternatives to the plastic entombed, chemical laden options which are ubiquitous in both pantries and landfills worldwide.

Our purpose is to provide products that are good for our bodies, and for the environment.  Much of what we sell will be organic, and nothing will contain artificial ingredients. We will serve as a pick-up point for CSA (community supported agriculture) shares, providing access to fresh, seasonal produce from regional farms. We’ll also carry accessories that enable customers to make their move toward a zero-waste lifestyle, such as food storage & spice containers, bottles, jars, reusable drawstring bags, coffee/tea accessories, tote bags, and environmentally friendly household products (plant based/natural cleaning tools etc).

We will host community seminars and cooking demonstrations to help locals learn healthy cooking and eating habits, health benefits of herbs and spices, how to make package-free beauty and household cleaning products, and more. You’ll also find nutritional information, along with lots of other resources on our reference shelf.

Our business and website are currently in development, but find more info here in the near future!  In the meantime, subscribe to our newsletter and visit our social media pages to see how we are progressing.  If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, visit our contact page or send an email to . We would love input on the wants and needs of our future community in Prospect Heights/Crown Heights Brooklyn.