The Latest

It's been quite awhile since we last updated everyone on our progress, so we thought we'd fill you in on what we've been working on behind the scenes. 

  • We're getting a makeover! We've been working with an amazing team at ThoughtMatter, a design firm based in Manhattan, to help us further develop our logo and identity. The initial phase of our work with them is nearly complete, and we can't wait to share our new logo!
  • After our initial Kickstarter campaign and following several recent articles, including one in The Huffington Post, we've received a number of requests for a follow up campaign. Once our new designs are complete, we'll be launching an "InDemand" campaign on Indiegogo. With this type of campaign, there are no deadlines and no funding goals. It's simply a way for the folks who missed out on round one to participate in our project, and for us to continue to raise capital funds while we work to find a location.
  • In recent weeks we've had lots of meetings with regional vendors. We simply can't wait to share with you the wonderful products they have to offer!
  • Our biggest hurdle continues to be finding a suitable space. We've put in offers on 3 separate locations, none of which worked out in the end. One was just too small, one was scooped up by another lucky business owner, and one required a significant amount of work, which may or may not have been possible because the building is landmarked. Sigh. We invested a good amount of time and energy into each of these spaces, trying to make them work, but they just weren't right for us. This means we've lost a lot of time, but it also means we've learned a lot about the process. We are pressing on! We've got an offer in on a 4th location and will keep you posted on how that transpires.
  •  We've been working with two amazing interns this summer. They've been working hard to help us revamp our website and social media pages, among other things. We'll let you know when our new website goes live!
  • We continue to receive press requests from all over the world, which is a great sign that our cause is growing. Our new webpage will have links to many of the exciting projects we are participating in, including a German documentary on global food waste!
whitney burnett