The Fillery believes you should always have a place to turn to when you need a cup of sugar, snacks to rely on, and staples to fall back on. Where everyone is welcome to reach in and gather what they want, when they want, how they want. Your neighborhood bulk food shop is here to fill your pantries with fairly priced, healthy, and responsibly sourced food and household products.

We believe good goods should be accessible to all and we strive to minimize unnecessary packaging and waste for the community. The Fillery is a place where you can feel at home while you shop for home.


Step 1: Choose your container

Bring your own clean containers from home. Whether a jar, bag, bottle, or any other kind of container, you can bring it for refill. Feel free to get creative!

Use our jar exchange program so we can keep things going round in circulation and be a part of the sharing economy!

Forgot your containers? Purchase a new or select a donated container or fill up using one of the compostable bags we will provide.


Step 2: Take it to our tare station

If the weight or volume of your container is not already marked, you'll take it to our taring station where you'll weigh it. The weight of the container will be deducted from your purchase when you are ready to checkout, so you won't be paying for the weight of the container.


Step 3: Fill With Goods

Now simply get to scooping or pouring! Fill your container with as little or as much as you need, whether it's a few ounces or a few pounds.